la classe – 2015 Day Two Part I, September 22.

#Syria the story of the abused and humiliated #Syrian
#Houda and #Hayet both have an academic degree and used to be teachers in their hometown, since months they live in a refugees camp in turkey fleeing the ISIS and the regime bombs spending the day in an under-construction building – stripping the molokhia leaves from their stems in the same way; but not in the same pace how they were stripped from their lives, plans and dreams – for 1,2 or 3 Turkish lira the day, depends on the generosity mood of the boss. exhausted and frustrated, fed up of officials coming to them, taking photos hearing their stories promising to come soon back with help, solution and support… and disappearing forever…
All I could give them was my tears, notebooks, drawing-books, crayons and pens to write their hopes expectations and stolen dreams in…

the hometown of Houda, Hayet, Omar, Abdallah, Bashar, Ahmed, Hamza, Talil and many others is, Deir Ez-Zor today under ISIS control

IMG_6833 IMG_6834 IMG_6832IMG_6927 IMG_6928

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