la classe – 2015 Day Two, September 22.

la classe -2015 Art for Human Rights
#Syria #Syrian_refugees_children

Omar and Bashar both 10 years old, the cousins who are fleeing the IS and the regime…
we always run to hide underneath, in tunnels we dug and built with old rusted metal drums avoiding the bombs, the bombs of the regime and not the IS. the IS they do not bomb, they behead… we saw the severed heads hanging on a wheel in the neighborhood, Daash followers / members think they are showing the world how powerful they are by doing that, but in the reality they are making the world laughing at them… the regime is not doing better, -shu bneamal, da nasibna- what should we do? our destiny!!
Bashar whispered, my parents gave me his name because they were proud of him… what should we do!!!

the hometown of Omar and Bashar is Bou Amr in Deir Ez-Zor

IMG_6988IMG_6990   IMG_6921  IMG_6890 IMG_6835IMG_6895

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