Breska Haddad

Project Manager and Board Member

Breska Haddad is an ambitious marketing & advertising Lebanese student at Haigazian University in Beirut and highly interested in digital marketing; as it is taking a major part of our lives nowadays. Her hobbies are mainly attached to music and everything that has to do with it, she has this passion for music ever since she was a little girl; since little age she learned different musical instruments (Piano, guitar, Drums, Cajoon,). As she was growing up, her country – Lebanon – with all its dilemma’s, made her take a look deeper into what really matters, she involved herself in many communities that have to do with social work and helping people; she loves helping the underprivileged ones across Lebanon.

I love working with kids and try to deliver my music skills to them, keeping in mind music brings people together.
I am very glad to be part of “FUTUREVERYONE” as it is of importance to encourage youth to be part of such NGO’s who aim to spread smiles, warmth, and a home for people in need.


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