Rania Habegger


Co- founder and Board Member

I am a student at the university of Zurich majoring in popular cultures and minoring in political science and sinology. I have a great passion for traveling and discovering new cultures. With discovering new cultures comes the realization of how people and especially children have to live under different and sometimes undeserved conditions. After spending an exchange-year in China as well as traveling around Asia I have realized that the biggest lack for children in this world is the access to education.        I believe that education is the most essential part for a bright future. Throughout my travels I joined several voluntary activities where I empowered (mostly) children through music, conflict resolution and sustainability. I am proud and honored to be part of FUTUREVERYONE because we don’t only encourage the future of children and families in need, we also show our volunteers that what they are doing makes a difference and that the children are not the only ones left with a smile on their face and a hugged heart.

Children are our future and by showing affection and love we can truly build a beautiful future together. 

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