la classe – 2015 Day One Part II, September 21.

la classe – 2015 Art for Human Rights
this is the story of the 13 years old Syrian boy Mustafa
– are you Egyptian?
– no, I’m Moroccan, Tunisian, Swiss
– oooh, wow… I love Morocco, my dad was used to travel there for work, coming back home he was telling us many beautiful story about the country…
I also love Tunisia, mostly the Tunisian food… I love the couscous, you know the Tunisian couscous… my favorite Tunisian plate.
– ooh, wow, you visited Tunisia?
– no, unfortunately not, but the in city where am from was a restaurant names TUNIS where I was used to go eat with my family, we always ate couscous there…
– one day you will go back home and you will go there again to eat couscous…
– no, it’s not going to happen again…
– why? noooo, never loose hope…
– my city was bombed to pieces, we all were home when our house was bombed… my brother and I were blocked behind a falling wall, but we were lucky and we find a row to get out and to run away… I also know that the restaurant was also crashed… actually the whole city… my city doesn’t exist anymore… all is gone…

– in a moment, I wished I could invite MUSTAFA, I wished I could tell him – habibi come to place and I will cook couscous for you… the tunisian couscous you were used to eat with you family…

Mustafa’s hometown is Raqqah

the 13 years old Syrian boy Mustafa IMG_6744 IMG_6724 IMG_6758 IMG_6764

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