la classe 2015 – Day One Part I, September 21.

September 21. kick off “la classe – 2015”

We started our day early morning and we visited the first Syrian refugee family in Urfa
Shahd the 6 years old Syrian Banksy girl…
– what do you want to draw?
– a boat!!!
– I was about to ask her, why do you want to draw a boat, but I couldn’t… the words didn’t want to get out and I then understood it’s better so… keep stuff in their places and thoughts in their deep and hope that tomorrow is going to be a sunny day for the Syrian children and they are going to shine like many others…

shahd the 6 years old Syrian Banksy girl...12047073_10208105356218346_5882500785754162645_n12027557_10208105356178345_1824932612055506724_n12004781_10208105356538354_4804578391674607214_n

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