La classe 2015 Art for Human Rights – The Concept

Children adapt, children forgive. Stories and pictures from different ghettos show children withstanding turmoil until the bitter end. Even child soldiers, when their guns are taken away from them, are children; children that usually laugh and play.

A child will always be a child; it is the stories of the grown-ups that make children hungry or fed and make children feel loved, embraced, or abused.

This is the central focus/concern of the La Classe project: a child without a story and origin, who has neither a goal nor a chance of survival; a refugee in a grown-up world.

Daniel named the project La Classe – inspired by a school class, showing how a normal child’s life should look like: sitting at a desk, learning, listening to a teacher, envisioning a peaceful and prosperous future and life full of opportunities.

The installation will be comprised of a collection of portraits of Syrian children in a refugee camp and children from Switzerland – Both deserve the same care, opportunities and prospects in life.

The portraits, depicting the same number of Syrian and Swiss children, will be done with black pen on A4 paper and framed in plain manner. All portraits will be installed and exhibited on a (big) wall mixed together in one group, as if belonging to one huge class.

By sketching the kids we will intend the children’s anonymity, making it impossible to discover who is who…

By managing, supporting and making this project possible, I am using a new communication and documentation medium to touch people, to raise more awareness and to show them the face and the consequences of conflicts from an Artist on site’s work.
Patronage: Aicha Baakili
Concept: Daniel Eisenhut
Work: the Artist Daniel Eisenhut
On site support: – Refugees Camps, Syria & Syria/-Turkey Border Saad Al Nassife

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