“la classe” 2015 – the Exhibition

dear friends and followers,
future everyone and “la classe” are both not funded. I’m sponsoring and supporting the two projects on my own.
while the opening, Original copies of the portraits will be sold for a minimum price, 100% of the fund is going to be donated to the Syrian children and their families directly involved with the project “la classe”, in a form of medical and education support.
future everyone is also going to try to provide the children of the camp ( approximately 5000 children, 2000 of them are orphans) with rubber boots and warm socks for the upcoming winter, with books to read and notebooks to write on their stories, dreams and hopes for the upcoming time.
future everyone is trying to provide those children and their families with enough activities to make their daily lives brighter and easier, because we, the members of future everyone, we believe that it’s the only way to keep them safe and to convince them to not try to cross the European borders looking for better lives.
thank you for your support.
let’s make a difference.

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