la classe 2015 – leaving Istanbul, flying back Home

The forgotten, those who are able to pay a drive to get out of Syria to the Turkish border, and those who even can’t afford the TRIP to the border to survive the bombing of the regime and his coalition and the slaughtering of Daash… the mistreated, the abused and the slaved. people we meat and we shared their stories they just left #Syria because they saw no hope and no chance anymore to fight and to stay in their houses, people mainly from the city of #Deir_Az_Zor, they fled the bombing regime and the slaughtering Daash… those people are extremely abused and slaved, everyone is trying to get profit of their bale. Turkish men started having 3 wifes, Turkish and Syrian businessmen started lifting up their business abusing women, kids, old women and men by slaving them “one day’s hard work for 2 or 3 Turkish lira”, Syrian talking about NGOs to help their beloved people but cheating, stealing and putting the money in their own pockets, men abusing women by divorcing the 30 and even the 27+ and getting married to the 14+ and the list of abuse and corruption is too long…

the humanitarian organizations opened camps, they filled them in an started treating them like prisoner, no rights to move, especially the women… PLEASE DON’T FORGET THEM

#Syrian #Refugees it was an amazing experience full of pain sorrow disappointing and little moment of happiness. thank you yasmin the pharmacist, salah the engineer , mohamed the psychiatrist, houda the teacher, hayet, bashar, omar, omar, omar, abdallah, abdallah, abdallah, ali the professor and teacher, maha, yacin, ayet, russell, rama, rawaa, hamza, talal, abdel muhaymin, daina, lina, ahmed nour, abd rahman, mufida, mhamed, hishem, duaa, atika, chazal, ammar, amel, alaa, ouilaa, ali, abir, zouhaier, mothny, omsamar… and many others we meat listened to their frustrations and shared their stories, their sorrow, felt their pain, offered our tears and hugs, thank you for your trust, thank you for welcoming us and showing us your lives and your balefulness, thank you for pushing yourselves to put SMILES on your faces just to please us…

thank to my dear #Israeli friend and project mate Daniel who invested his passion, his pen and his deepest devotion to put the Syrian kids pain on paper.

thank to an extremely nice #Syrian guy Saad Al Nassife we meat and we put our lives n his hands and he manged our journey to the best, proud to name him friend and brother. they are the forgotten and the mistreated, they are the abused and the slaved… please don’t forget them… I promise, I’ll be back soon…

#Urfa please take care of the #weakest #forgotten #Syrian.

the picture is symbolic, I’m leaving but I’m not looking away…


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