la classe 2015 – following up the development of the children inside the camp

#the_eyes_and_the_voices_of_URFA_Refugees_Camp. Small acts, big impacts… the forgotten of #Tell_Abyad with love from the camp
yesterday I got a post from the Urfa refugees camp, what I didn’t like at all. The kids were drawing war machines, dark skies and roads, boats and cars and flags of the revolution and more… I was so sad and depressed. I posted one of the drawings, the most simple one where the kids drew the revolution flag in a heart form… I begged my contacts inside the camp who are taking care and working with the kids… I told them to please talk to the kids and to ask them to go back to their past lives, dreams and hopes and to keep going on them and to draw them, because this is what they deserve and how their future should be… and this is what i got today, a little sunshine… I’m so happy and so in love ❤️
#futureveryone because a bright future is a birthright…

image1 image2 IMG_7530 IMG_7562 IMG_7563 IMG_7564 IMG_7596

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