Our mission is to support underprivileged children, to give them hope and belief on a future, a better and sustainable future through Music and Art works.

The more on sight contact we have with the underprivileged children, the more  we involve them into creating simple music with instruments and rhythm games,  with singing their favorite preferred childhood home songs, the more we help  them to keep their beautiful past childhood memories in their minds. Therefore  we give them hope and belief on oncoming solutions and a better, sustainable  and prosperous future.

The more we expose unprivileged children into the power of self-expressed Art,  the more they become aware of the impact of their voice. Their voices will be  heard by creating a huge canvas with prints of their own hands and feet, begging  the world to support them by welcoming them into our communities and lives.

The more children we reach, the more hope is given, the more belief is spread,  the more balance is created.

Future everyone also supports the children’s education; all children involved in  our project receive a children’s book, like “le petit prince”, to read, as well as a notebook to write down their own stories of their hopes, their expectations and  about their daily lives.

The more books we give, the more stories the children can read. This not only enhances their education and helps stimulate their minds, but more importantly provides them with a sensible and much needed escape from the ongoing turbulence they may be facing in their young lives.

The more notebooks we give, the more stories the children can share.

Future everyone intends to collect the books and notebooks, to create a sort of Library for neglected children; a place not only for books, but the hopes and expectations of the forgotten generation of homeless and society-less children.

It’s a crazy idea, isn’t it?  But I, the founder of Future everyone, believe in us to make it happen.

  • Aicha Baakili, Founder FUTUREVERYONE

Around the globe, an estimated 11.2 million to 13.7 million children have been internally displaced as a result of armed conflict. Forced displacement uproots children and youths at a time when their lives most need stability.*
There were 19.5 million refugees worldwide at the end of 2014.*
Globally, 59.5 million people forcibly displaced.*
*Source: UNHCR_UK
We are one family, living on one planet

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