Today is Universal Children’s Day 2017

Today is Universal Children’s Day 2017 – our thoughts, our love, our hope, our passion go to all children all around the world…

Today also marks the one year anniversary, where we celebrated the Universal Children’s Day with the Syrian refugee’s children in different cities of Turkey. Our dedication took us from Urfa to Antakya, through Gaziantep, stopping at many more little villages, before returning to base in Urfa. The travels were full of risks and sadness but keeping the promise of coming back, brought also plenty of joy. Putting a smile on each child’s face and spreading love, is what warmed our hearts during those winter times. We celebrated the Universal Children’s Day for a whole week and spent some great quality time with the kids. During that time we distributed over 1500 pairs of new shoes, held a music workshop, as well as an art workshop in collaboration with Syrian artist Houssam Alloum. The artist is currently living in Istanbul and the artwork will be exhibited in 2018.

With great sadness and due to a lack of funding and time, we celebrate this year’s Universal Children’s Day in our hearts and on We want to assure you that we are still working hard on our project of “keeping their feet dry and safe” and we hereby promise to be back on needed grounds in 2018 to distribute at least another 1000 pairs of new shoes.

We from Futureveryone continue to strongly believe in a better future for everyone and everywhere, can we count you in as well? Then please support our project and be part of the difference.

Love and gratitude,


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