Honoring our 2016 Volunteers – Rita Boulos Chahwan

Our Volunteers One year ago, those volunteers made a difference by working with futureveryone. they walked through the streets of Beirut, celebrated Christmas and New Year’s eve with some of the unfortunate children of our world. They distributing food bags, thanks to the generosity of the Lebanese food bank, we will never forget. The volunteers also distributed toys and school utensils, thanks to the generosity of a sponsor, we promised we will never mention their name. The Volunteers also distributed clothes, but mostly warmth, smiles and love all around. They ended the project at the St. Charbel Orphanage, a home to 300 Syrian children, age 3 to 17 years old, living in desperation without basic human needs and necessities. The volunteers spent the day with them, treated them the same way they treated the other children before and put so many smiles on their faces. By the end of the day we filled the orphanage heaters tank with Diesel for the upcoming cold winter nights. We the futureveryone team, thanks our volunteers, from the bottom of our hearts for all their efforts, generosity, their ability to give love and for being futureveryone peace ambassadors.

Here are some feedback of some of our volunteers.

Volunteers feedback-Rita Boulos Chahwan: this experience reminded of the period from the moment ive lost my Father when i was 5 and all the hardness of life that came after that moment and let me meditate about how important was the education that played a big role so not being targeted by a human trafficker or a drug dealer maybe since a Orphan is fragile.  With Future every one, Education builds the pillars of a stronger tomorrow and a brighter future. IMG_3045

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