Warmth, Smiles and Love all around

“We rise by lifting others” Robert Ingersoll

Thanks to our amazing Lebanese team, Our project “Warmth, Smiles and Love all around” was a real success; full of joy, warmth and smiles all around. A group of loving and giving Lebanese students rocked the streets of Beirut and around, distributed food bags, school supplies and toys to families in need. But the most amazing part of our project was the visit to the St. Charbel Orphanage; located in the neighborhood of Beirut – a home to 300 children, aged from 3 to 17 years old, living in desperate needs of many different human necessities. All of them are Syrian, who’s parents died in the war or they got lost on the roads while escaping from Syria to Lebanon. First, our volunteers provided the children with school supplies (books, crayons, notebooks), toys, food bags and most importantly with new clothes; pants, shirts and warm socks, which made them feel happy and as important as any other child in their same age. Then, our volunteers were divided into groups; the program involved acting sketch, music, photography and paintings, where the children were invited to participate actively and to express themselves – they had a blast and they loved the day. As a thanks, the children invited the volunteers to paint with them on their walls, as souvenir of futureveryone, so that they always can remember us. We also filled the orphanage heaters tank with diesel for the upcoming cold winter nights.

keep spreading the love, believe in peace and in a better future for everyone everywhere; because a bright future is a birthright.


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