#Raqqa and the revenge of the French Government for Paris shootings

#Raqqa and the revenge of the French Government for #Paris shootings

France drops 20 bombs on Islamic State jihadi training camp in revenge for Paris shootings

‪#‎Raqqa‬ is the hometown of the 13 years brave #Syrian boy I met in September the 21st and we portrayed him, the boy who loves and has so many deep memories of my birth and my dad’s countries. In that day, he told me all about his town and how deep he misses it, about the stories of the ISIS, the slaughters, the tunnels he built with his friends to hide from the regime bombs… Today the France bombs are being dropped on ‪#‎Raqqa but I know that my ‪#‎Syrian‬ little boy is somewhere in ‪#‎Urfa‬ and safe – Here is his story again… ‪#‎Mustafa‬ and all other #Syrian refugees children and grownups, you all are in the deepest of my heart… much love to all of you

la classe – 2015 Art for Human Rights
this is the story of the 13 years old Syrian boy Mustafa
– are you Egyptian?
– no, I’m Moroccan, Tunisian, Swiss
– oooh, wow… I love Morocco, my dad was used to travel there for work, coming back home he was telling us many beautiful story about the country…
I also love Tunisia, mostly the Tunisian food… I love the couscous, you know the Tunisian couscous… my favorite Tunisian plate.
– ooh, wow, you visited Tunisia?
– no, unfortunately not, but in the city where I am from was a restaurant names TUNIS where I was used to go eat with my family, we always ate couscous there…
– one day you will go back home and you will go there again to eat couscous…
– no, it’s not going to happen again…
– why? noooo, never loose hope…
– my city was bombed to pieces, we all were home when our house was bombed… my brother and I were blocked behind a falling wall, but we were lucky and we find a row to get out and to run away… I also know that the restaurant was also crashed… actually the whole city… my city doesn’t exist anymore… all is gone…

– in a moment, I wished I could invite MUSTAFA, I wished I could tell him – Habibi, come to my place and I will cook couscous for you… the Tunisian couscous you were used to eat with your family…

Mustafa’s hometown is ‪#‎Raqqa‬


the 13 years old Syrian boy MustafaLa Classe 2015 (1)

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