la classe – 2015 Day Five, September 25.

#syria #syrian a house full of #orphans and #widows
yesterday was a kind of a day off, because the day before exhausted us. stories of different families with different similarities, stories full of pain and lack of understanding. the family we visited today, endure all kind of Syrian war’s brutality… from death because of bombing, thru sniper’s shots to ISIS beheading… the family lost five brothers,- the first was a 19 years old student killed at the Arab League demonstrations on 11.1.2012, the second a 26 years old was killed while he was ministering a wounded victim on 13.10.2012 and the third, a father of seven daughters and a son, was shot by a sniper while sitting in his house on 23.10.2012, the fourth 18 years old, during the ISIS entry of the city of Deir Ez-Zor, he was also helping a wounded victim when he was captured by the ISIS and beheaded, the fifth one was detained by the regime since the beginning of the events in Syria, the family found out about his death because his photo was leaked by Ceasar with many other victims…
a welcoming, loving, giving beautiful family, a house full of orphans and widows… the hometown of this family is also #Deir_Ez_Zor


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