#‎syrianchildrenlivesmatter‬ #‎syrianchildrenfuturematter‬

futureveryone team at the Swiss4Syria school in Lebanon, together against the ignorance, together against the fear, together for more tolerance, together for love, together for peace… “As we grow in awareness, our fear of loss, not having enough or being insufficient matures into love of giving, sharing and collaboration.” #Breska_Haddad #Sarah_Wehbi #Harout_Agopian #Serina_Baakili #Sabrina_Wehbi #Zeina_Moubacher #Taha_Fayez #Taha_Fayez #Tarek_Itani thank you very much for supporting our cause, volunteering with us, sharing beautiful moments of love with the kids and always spreading the peace we all deserve.

#SyrianChildrenLivesMatter #SyrianChildrenFutureMatter

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